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Canada Day in Wilmot Volunteer Association  

Canada Day in Wilmot is organized by a team of volunteers composed of Indigenous community members, youth and Canadians.

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Many hands make light work. Connect with us to volunteer if you share in our core values and mission to create a better tomorrow for all. 

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Important Notice: Canada Day in Wilmot

We regret to inform the community that the beloved Canada Day in Wilmot community event, which has been organized and run by dedicated volunteers since 2017, has been commandeered by the municipal government of the Township of Wilmot without the consent of the original volunteer organizers and dedicated volunteers representing diverse heritages and age groups.

For the past seven years, this event has been a vibrant celebration of our nation’s and community’s diverse heritage, culture, and unity. It has brought families, friends, neighbours and visitors together in the welcoming spirit of acceptance, camaraderie and joy. The tireless efforts of hundreds of volunteers made this event a cherished tradition, and we are immensely grateful for their dedication.

However, it is with great disappointment that we announce that the municipal government has taken control of the Canada Day in Wilmot festivities, effectively expropriating the event from its grassroots origins. Despite the hard work and passion of our community volunteers, their voices were silenced and excluded from this decision-making process by the local government.

Change is a natural part of life, but some things that reflect our shared values and sense of belonging should remain steadfast. Canada Day in Wilmot was special for years because passionate volunteers, our neighbours, friends, and family members ran it. They put their heart and soul into it, which made it a lot of fun despite the hard work and sometimes long hours.

The municipal government of Wilmot’s tax-funded takeover of Canada Day festivities undermines the very essence of volunteer-driven events, diminishing the sense of ownership and pride that our community members once felt and that makes these local events truly special for all attendees.

Please remember their contributions and advocate for community-led events that truly reflect our shared spirit. By doing so, we can ensure that the heart of our remaining community events remains with those who care most.

We humbly extend our heartfelt gratitude to the numerous sponsors and vendors over the years, ranging from local mom-and-pop stores, farms, and manufacturers to national brands, who wholeheartedly believed in the event and its vision of unity.

It’s important that we also recognize the talented local artists, nationally acclaimed musicians and stunt performers, and highly skilled local fireworks technicians who entertained the crowds gathered in Wilmot who joined us from both near and far.

During the pandemic-induced virtual event, several of Canada’s top athletes and performers expressed their support and encouragement to Wilmot through personalized video messages. Notable names like Doug Gilmour, Jann Arden, and Hayley Wickenheiser were among those who contributed and wished to thank.

We express our appreciation to Angie Hill, a community builder and beloved radio host who held the esteemed position of the first Grand Marshal for Canada Day in Wilmot in 2017. Additionally, we recognize Brittlestar, known for creating humorous viral videos with a distinctly Canadian flavour. Furthermore, we extend our gratitude to Olympic boxer Mandy Bujold and Dr. Hsiu-Li Wang, Waterloo Region’s Medical Officer of Health, for their significant contributions to the event.

Canada Day in Wilmot volunteer organizers will forever be grateful for the guidance of Indigenous Elder Nina De Shane and Indigenous community educator Clarence Cachagee and to Crow Shield Lodge for leading the sunrise ceremonies.

Last but not least we extend our heartfelt appreciation to the thousands of annual attendees over the past seven years whose smiles and cheers of delight made it all worthwhile. Thank you all!

Canada Day in Wilmot


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